Brazilian Senate Adopts Cooperation Agreement with Morocco in Judicial Field

The Brazilian Senate’s plenary has adopted a cooperation agreement with Morocco relating to judicial cooperation, signed in Brasilia in 2014.

The Brazilian Senate stated that this agreement with Morocco would enter into force following its promulgation by the Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

This agreement between Morocco and Brazil relates to judicial cooperation in civil law and civil procedures.

According to the same source, the resolution’s rapporteur, Senator Fernando Dueire of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (Center), stated that the agreement provides “mechanisms that guarantee full access to justice and ensure the effectiveness of judicial decisions, in addition to promoting the fundamental rights of individuals, regardless of their location.” 

The Senate explained that the agreement will guarantee Brazilians free access to Moroccan courts under the same conditions as Moroccan citizens and national legal entities in terms of rights and duties, stressing that the same principle will apply to Moroccans in Brazil.

The Senate also affirmed that the agreement guarantees the right of Moroccan and Brazilian citizens to mutual legal assistance. In addition, the same source noted that the agreement aims to establish a system to recognize and consolidate court decisions relating to civil law, civil procedure, family law, commercial law, and labor law.

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