Death toll from Bangladesh container depot fire rises to 43

Dhaka 7 June 2022: Two more bodies were recovered this afternoon (Tuesday) from the site of a fire in a container depot on the outskirts of the coastal city of Chattogram in Bangladesh, about 242 km southeast of the capital, Dhaka, bringing the death toll to 43.

Firefighters controlled the fire on Tuesday, about three days after it broke out, and hundreds of others were injured.

Speaking to reporters, Lieutenant Colonel Arif Islam, commander of the 18th Division of the Bangladeshi Army, said the forces managed to control the fire.

“There is no danger of further explosion as firefighters have controlled the fire in the warehouse,” he said, adding that firefighters have identified the dangerous area and are working to prevent further damage and contain more pollution.

“Rescuers have recovered the remains of two people, including a firefighter and a security guard, on Tuesday,” said Brigadier-General Shamim Ehsan, director of the Chattogram Medical College Hospital.

“The two bodies were recovered on Tuesday afternoon, bringing the death toll from 41 to 43,” he added, noting that at least 10 firefighters were among the victims.

According to Brigadier General Shamim Ehsan, at least 250 people were injured in the devastating fire and treated in hospital.

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