Northern Burkina Faso: An industrial mine targeted by a deadly attack

In Burkina Faso, the Riverstone Karma industrial mine, located in the northern region of the country, was targeted by a deadly attack on Thursday June 9, 2022.

An attack by armed men in the industrial mine Riverstone Karma, located in Namissiguima, in the northern region of Burkina, left two dead, including a civilian and a soldier, as well as injured, local media report.

“Armed men launched an assault on the mine around 4:30 a.m. local time. Two people, including a civilian and a soldier, were killed during the attack, as well as several people injured and vehicles burned” according to security sources and local.

According to the sources, all the employees of the mine were evacuated and the attackers were able to cross all the barriers, despite the important security device and the base camp of the employees was targeted by the shots.

“An air intervention by the defense and security forces destroyed a vehicle in which ten terrorists were trying to flee,” said a security source. Several terrorists on motorcycles were also neutralized, adds a source within the mine.

All mine employees were evacuated to Ouahigouya. “They are followed by a psychologist, because they suffered a shock related to the violence of the attack”, specifies a source on the spot.

Several facts, including numerous incursions by armed men into the perimeter of the mining permit, had prompted Néré Mining officials to alert the authorities to these threats.

Faced with the situation, mining operators are worried and are calling on the transitional government to secure mining sites.

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