Direct Housing Assistance Program: Over 41,000 Applications Submitted as of January 31 (Mustapha Baitas)

The government spokesperson, Mustapha Baitas, revealed on February 1, in Rabat, that a total of 41,662 applications for housing assistance were submitted as of January 31.

Data shows that 76% of the total applications for housing assistance concern the acquisition of housing less than MAD 300,000, while 24% of these requests were dedicated to the purchase of housing between MAD 300,000 and 700,000, said Baitas in response to a question on the Direct Housing Assistance Program during a press briefing held following the weekly meeting of the Government Council.

In the same context, the government official stated that 81% of requests were submitted by citizens in Morocco, while the remaining 19% concern Moroccans residing abroad, adding that 37% of the total requests were made by women compared to 63% by men.

As for the age range of applicants, Baitas explained that the average is 40 years, highlighting the importance of this figure which reflects the success of this program in targeting youth.

This project is targeting the Moroccan family similar to the various other social programs including social assistance, “AMO TADAMON”, the transport subsidy and the subsidy for agricultural materials and inputs, affirmed Baitas, referring to the government’s interventions that aim to draft public policies that meet the aspirations of Moroccan families.

In application of the High Royal Instructions, this new program aims to strengthen the purchasing power of buyers, thanks to the establishment of direct aid to families in the amount of MAD 100,000 for housing less than or equal to mad 300,000 DH including tax, and MAD 70,000 DH for the purchase of housing between MAD 300,000 and 700,000 including tax.

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