Mohamed Arrouchi: Morocco’s AU PSC Presidency Guided by Royal Vision for Common African Action

Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Mohamed Arrouchi, affirmed that the Kingdom’s presidency of the African Union’s Peace and Security Council (PSC) for the month of February will be guided by the Royal Vision for common African action which places the noble causes of Africa and the vital interests of the African citizen at the heart of the pan-African agenda.

Morocco’s presidency takes place at a time where Africa is facing growing security challenges that call for innovative and global responses, explained Arrouchi.

In this context, the Ambassador shed light on Morocco’s role and objectives, citing the strengthening of dialogue and African cooperation, the multidimensional approach in maintaining peace, strengthening continental and international cooperation, humanitarian issues and the exchange of expertise.

Speaking about strengthening dialogue and African cooperation, Arrouchi affirmed that Morocco aims to strengthen dialogue and cooperation between African states, as well as with international partners.

In terms of the multidimensional approach to peacekeeping, the Moroccan official indicated that military solutions alone are not enough to guarantee lasting peace and security, stressing the need to place the issue of security in a broader context including economic and social development to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of African action in the resolution of conflicts.

In this context, Arrouchi noted that via its PSC presidency, Morocco aims to promote a multidimensional approach combining security, development and social justice as foundations for global and lasting peace.

The strengthening of continental and international cooperation is another key point that Arrouchi referred to, recalling the importance the Kingdom attaches to continental links and international cooperation as fundamental pillars for achieving security and development in Africa.

As for the humanitarian aspect, the diplomat highlighted the priority given by Morocco to humanitarian issues, such as the protection of children and women in conflict zones, and the promotion of food and health security.

Arrouchi also shed light on Morocco’s expertise, stressing that as a country with long experience in managing security and development challenges, the Kingdom constitutes a model for cooperation and innovative solutions in Africa.

On a similar note, the Ambassador said that Morocco will have the opportunity to strengthen its position, during its presidency, as an African leader committed to peace, security and sustainable development, emphasizing the importance of the principles of dialogue, good neighborliness, preventive diplomacy, respect for the sovereignty of States and their territorial integrity while combining diplomatic wisdom and innovation, with the aim of contributing to a more stable and prosperous future for Africa.

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