DRC: Death of Hundreds Following Torrential Rain

A terrible incident occurred on Tuesday, December 13, during which a hundred people lost their lives following heavy rain.

Misfortune has befallen the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). According to the French media, nearly 120 people died during the heavy rain that fell during the day on Tuesday, December 13. We can say that the numbers have climbed quite quickly.

The DRC counts its dead
According to the authorities, the victims are counted in different districts and municipalities of the city, in particular in valleys where houses have been destroyed by landslides. Looking at the pictures of the tragedy spread on Twitter, we can notice that this devastating rain had immobilized the populations of the city and caused significant material damage including the destruction of homes, and landslides in city centers and suburbs.

This is unfortunately not the first time that this kind of drama has occurred after a rain in the DRC. In November 2019, around 40 people died in Kinshasa, victims of torrential rains which had caused floods and landslides. Mont-Ngafula had been one of the most affected municipalities.

At the end of a crisis meeting, the executive decreed three days of national mourning from this Wednesday, December 14, said the services of Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde. The floods also caused significant material damage and submerged in the early morning up to the main streets in the center of the megalopolis of around 15 million inhabitants.

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