Entrepreneurship: The Moroccan government launches the Forsa program

To encourage entrepreneurship among young people, the Executive is launching the Forsa program. This is an ambitious and innovative program aimed at all people over the age of 18 with ideas or entrepreneurial projects.

The government explains that this national program follows the High Royal Guidelines for the promotion of investment and employment, particularly among young people.

It should be noted that the Forsa program has a budget envelope of 1.25 billion DH for the year 2022. It targets the support of 10,000 project leaders including all sectors of the economy, while ensuring the principles of regional and gender equity. In detail, the support system includes e-learning training for all the projects selected, as well as a 2.5-month incubation for the benefit of the most promising projects, through the mobilization of regional incubators. .

It should also be noted that the financing mechanism provided for the benefit of the beneficiaries consists of an honor loan of a maximum amount of 100,000 DH, including a grant of up to 10,000 DH. It should be noted that all sectors of activity are eligible, and that the maximum loan repayment period is 10 years with a grace period of 2 years.

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