Opening of borders between Morocco and Spain and resumption of maritime links

Following the announcement of the immediate and gradual resumption of passenger transport activity by sea, the Spanish companies operating the lines serving the Moroccan ports of Tangier Med, Tangier city, and Nador, resume their service programs from and to Morocco. Balearia and GNV, respectively, open the ball on Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 April.

Big sigh of relief in the Spanish maritime transport sector following the roadmap decided by Morocco and Spain and allowing shipping companies serving the Moroccan ports of Tangier Med, Tangier city, Nador and Al Hoceima, to resume their activities. It must be said that for two years, Spanish shipping companies have suffered from Morocco’s unilateral decision to interrupt regular maritime links. They have lost ten million passengers, five million each year, affecting the negative results of the Port Authority and the companies that provide passenger services and complementary services to shipping companies.

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