Forbes Magazine: Morocco, Gateway to “Renaissance” of Africa’s Aviation Sector

American magazine Forbes stated that Morocco, thanks to its strategic positioning and investment-friendly business climate, represents today the gateway to the “renaissance” of Africa’s aviation sector.

In an article by entrepreneur and business strategist Henri Al Helaly, Forbes pointed out that “Morocco is forging an aviation path marked by impressive growth,” noting that while Airbus had reported 3.6% annual growth in passenger traffic demand, Morocco’s strategic positioning, combined with a favorable investment climate, promotes the Kingdom as an attractive destination for international aviation companies, including aircraft manufacturing.

The American magazine noted that Morocco offers an open skies policy for entrepreneurs and businesses, which encourages foreign investment and partnerships, paving the way for robust growth in the Kingdom’s aerospace sector.

The article referred to investment in infrastructure as one of the strengths that distinguish Morocco in this vital sector, especially since the Kingdom aims to become an aviation hub in the region and far beyond. The author also shed light on investment in skills development and the priority Morocco attributes to relationships and trust, in addition to the Kingdom’s compliance with trade standards.

Forbes also noted that thanks to these favorable policies and its strategic location, Morocco is poised to attract more aviation companies, pointing out that the aviation boom that Africa is experiencing is led by countries such as Morocco and Nigeria.

In a similar context, Al Helaly explained that these leading countries are driving the growth of private, commercial, and military aviation, which subsequently offers grand opportunities on a global scale, adding that the next “frontier” to be crossed would be aircraft manufacturing, ranging from private jets to military drones.

Forbes’ business strategist also added that the continent’s growth in this sector reflects the combination of expanding economies, urbanization, and a burgeoning middle class with increased purchasing power.

“For entrepreneurs and businessmen, these developments represent a unique opportunity to tap into a rapidly growing market, ripe with potential,” wrote Al Helaly in his article, noting that by investing in aviation-related businesses, particularly aircraft manufacturing, these entrepreneurs and businessmen can help tailor the future of Africa’s aviation landscape while also profiting from its growth.

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