Fuels: diesel stock covers 26 days, gasoline 43 days according to Leila Benali

The Minister for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development has unveiled shocking figures related to the national fuel stock. Leïla Benali announced that diesel reserves cover 26 days, compared to 43 days for gasoline, 34 days for kerosene and 83 days for fuel oil. The stock of butane gas is at 26 days, not counting the stocks of the filling centres.

In her presentation to the members of the Committee on Infrastructure, Energy, Mines and the Environment in the House of Representatives, Leila Benali specified that the reserves of liquid petroleum products as of April 11 amounted to 789,000 tons. , those of butane gas: 191,000 tonnes. As for coal, whose reserves are estimated at 701,000 tons, the Minister indicates that the stock in Jerada covers 11 days while in Mohammedia, it covers 34 days. At Jorf Lasfar, which has two coal-fired power plants, the state of the stock is 16 days for one and 31 days for the other. In Safi, the stock covers 26 days.

With regard to the storage capacities of liquid petroleum products, the Minister indicated that they amount to approximately 1.3 million tonnes, of which 93% are linked to ports, 324,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas, of which 88% are connected to the ports.

Ms. Benali however confirmed the evolution of the storage capacities of liquid petroleum products by 25% compared to 2015, thanks to the reinforcement of the infrastructures in Jorf Lasfar, Mohammedia, Laâyoune and Sidi Bouathman. With a capacity of 270,000 tons for an investment of approximately 761 million dirhams. She also pointed out that her department monitors the implementation of projects planned by the private sector to reach a total additional storage capacity for liquid petroleum products of more than 550,000 tons, for an investment of 2 billion dirhams on 2023 horizon. .

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