Marine Le Pen projects a diplomacy opposite to that of Emmanuel Macron

The RN presidential candidate presented, Wednesday in Paris, an international policy program in clear rupture with the positions of the outgoing president.

Marine Le Pen had chosen the pompous decor of the Salons Hoche, in Paris, on Wednesday April 13, to hold a press conference on international politics with the air of a conference of ambassadors. The staging is immediately striking: the presidential candidate is alone, sitting on a platform, barely visible, her face half hidden by a forest of microphones. She seems strangely far away, about fifteen meters from the front rows of some 160 accredited journalists, most of them from foreign media. This icy atmosphere aimed to plant his solemnity and his presidential stature to deliver, in a one-hour speech, his vision of diplomacy.

But this painting collided with the other striking image of the day, which occurred around 4 p.m.: the muscular exfiltration of an environmental activist, pinned to the ground then dragged by the arm to the exit by a man wearing a headset . “Let’s continue our conference,” resumed Marine Le Pen.

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