Gas war: Gazprom is about to turn off the tap in the Netherlands and Denmark

Gazprom is about to turn off the gas tap in the Netherlands. The Russian gas giant must suspend from Tuesday its deliveries to the Dutch Gas Terra, which belongs in part to the State.

In question, the refusal of the company to submit to the request of the Kremlin to pay the invoices in rubles. Gas Terra announced the news in a press release, stressing that it had anticipated this decision by buying gas elsewhere.

The Danish gas company Orsted is in the same situation. The deadline for paying in rubles ends this Tuesday and the board has already made it known that it will continue to pay in euros. The Danish Energy Agency said there would be no immediate consequences for the country’s supply.

If Moscow follows through on its threats, Denmark and the Netherlands will join Poland, Bulgaria and Finland, countries to which Gazprom has already cut gas supplies for refusing to pay in roubles.

After the first Western sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian President ordered by decree that gas payments be made in rubles in violation of contracts signed by Gazprom.

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