Green March Summer Camp: Maqdessi Children, Their Families Celebrate Youth Day

Maqdessi children and their families took part in Youth Day celebrations in Skhirat on August 21, as part of the 14th edition of the “Green March” summer school camp organized by Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency.

On this occasion, the Agency’s Managing Director, Mohamed Salem Echarkaoui, emphasized that the children participating in this edition, as well as their peers who participated in previous editions, will become the Kingdom’s ambassadors in Palestine, transmitting a message of love, transcendence and unconditional solidarity.

Echarkaoui recalled that over the past four weeks, the Agency had launched the “Summer Schools” program in Al-Quds for 3.000 beneficiaries, with the aim of promoting the values of unity and solidarity between Palestinian generations through the largest gathering of children in the Holy City, both in terms of beneficiaries and supervisors.

The Moroccan official also added that the program gives particular importance to entertainment and recreational activities, in addition to containing educational and training activities such as specialized thematic workshops in the fields of art, music, theater, and sport, as well as workshops in languages of communication, environmental education, advocacy training and the use of intelligence in communication through new information and communication technologies.

Intervening via videoconference from the city of Al-Quds, the father of a child taking part in the “Green March” summer camp expressed his pleasure in participating alongside the Moroccan people in Youth Day festivities, highlighting the great significance and important role played by Morocco in the Arab world.

For her part, the mother of another child taking part in the camp expressed her gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan people for their support for the children of Al-Quds.

The 14th edition of the “Green March” summer camp, underway until August 26, is organized in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication for the benefit of 50 children from Al-Quds under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, Chairman of Al-Quds Committee, and includes several recreational and educational activities and artistic and sporting competitions.

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