Energia Oltre: Morocco, a Potential Supplier of Clean Energies for Europe

Italian media outlet “Energia Oltre” stated that Morocco, thanks to its diversified geography, is a “potential major supplier of clean energies” to Europe, whose demand is on the rise.

Energia Oltre affirmed that “Morocco’s vast landscapes, extensive coastline, and sunny climate offer the Kingdom large-scale potential for wind and solar farms,” noting that “the Kingdom’s proximity to Europe will allow it to become a key energy source for the European Union (EU).”

“The demand for new sources of clean energy is almost insatiable in Europe as the continent tries to reshape its energy markets following the latest crisis,” underlined the Italian news outlet, pointing out that “the Old Continent has embarked on its green energy transition and raised its clean energy commitments.”

The Italian platform said that “achieving these objectives calls for the development of an enormous amount of new, clean energy resources,” highlighting the role of Morocco, which has enormous potential in this area compared with most European countries.

For its part, the Italian news agency “AGC News” stated that “Morocco is considered one of the pioneering countries in renewable energies, and ranks seventh in the world in terms of energy performance.”

“AGC News” recalled the commissioning of all the wind turbines at the Boujdour wind farm, the eighth wind power project to be built in Morocco’s southern provinces and the 14th nationwide, noting that “the Kingdom has taken another major step forward in its commitment to accelerating energy transition.”

“This wind farm is a major clean energy production facility,” pointed out “AGC News,” shedding light on several achievements that confirm the success of the Moroccan model in the transition to sustainable energy and the fight against climate change.

AGC News also noted that today, “the energy mix accounts for 42%, and is expected to rise to 52% by 2030,” concluding that “the development of the green hydrogen sector is also propelling Morocco’s ambitions to cover at least 4% of global demand.”

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