HM King Mohammed VI Addresses Speech on the Occasion of 48th Anniversary of the Green March

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, delivered a speech to His faithful people on November 6 on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the glorious Green March. 

Here follows a translation of the Royal Speech: 

“Praise be to Allah, may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his Kith, and Kin,

Dear citizens, 

We are celebrating today a special occasion for all of us: the anniversary of the Green March, which completed the territorial integrity of our country.

In keeping with the eternal oath of this epic, it is our duty to proceed with the development, modernization, and construction work undertaken to guarantee Moroccan citizens the conditions for a dignified life. To this end, We ensure that the potential of our country, and more particularly that of the Moroccan Sahara, is used wisely. 

In addition, ever since the Kingdom recovered its Southern Provinces, its position as an Atlantic country has become even more important. 

Our dynamic diplomacy has enabled us to defeat the maneuvers of our opponents, both overt and covert, thereby generating greater international support for our territorial integrity. Consequently, our country is today stronger and better positioned than ever. 

While Morocco’s Mediterranean coastline is strongly connected to Europe, its Atlantic side offers full access to Africa and a gateway to the Americas.

For this reason, We are committed to a national coastal upgrade, including the Atlantic coastline of the Moroccan Sahara. We are equally committed to ensuring that this geopolitical area is structured on an African scale. 

We hope that the Atlantic seaboard will evolve into a place of human communion, a hub of economic integration, and a center of continental and international influence.

Our aim is to provide our southern Provinces with the services and infrastructure required for their economic development, while successfully completing the large-scale projects that have been launched in the region.

In addition, to guarantee a fluid connection between the different components of the littoral Atlantic, We are working to provide the necessary means of transport and logistical facilities. This includes the establishment of a strong, competitive national merchant marine fleet. 

In support of the economic growth and urban expansion of the metropolises of the Moroccan Sahara, the establishment of a maritime economy must be maintained in order to strengthen the development of the entire region and serve its citizens.

Alongside the extensive exploration of offshore natural resources, this integrated economy must be based on ongoing investment in maritime fishing, desalination of seawater for agricultural purposes, encouragement of the blue economy, and support for renewable energies. 

We also call for the adoption of a strategy dedicated to Atlantic tourism, with the aim of highlighting the region’s abundant potential, thereby establishing the region as a genuine destination for seaside and Saharan tourism.

Dear citizens, 

Morocco, renowned for its stability and credibility, is fully aware of the threats and challenges facing African countries, particularly those on the Atlantic seaboard.

The region along the Atlantic coast suffers from a significant deficit in infrastructure and investment, despite its skilled human capital and abundant natural resources.

To overcome this situation, We are working with our brothers in Africa and all our partners to develop practical and efficient measures, supported by international cooperation. 

The Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline is a strategic project within this framework, regarded as a lever for regional integration, aimed at establishing the conditions for a common economic take-off and sparking a dynamic conducive to the development of the Atlantic band. The project will also provide a secure source of energy supplies for European countries. 

In the same spirit, Morocco has initiated the creation of an institutional framework grouping the 23 Atlantic African states to strengthen security, stability, and shared prosperity in the region. 

The solution to the difficulties and problems facing the brotherly states of the Sahel cannot be exclusively based on security or military measures but must be based on an approach of cooperation and joint development. 

We therefore suggest the launch of an international initiative to promote access to the Atlantic Ocean for the Sahel states. 

Nevertheless, for such a proposal to succeed, it is essential to upgrade the Sahel states’ infrastructures and connect them to the transport and communications networks in their regional environment.

Since We are convinced that this initiative will significantly transform the economies of these brotherly countries and, beyond,  the entire region, Morocco is committed to making its road, port, and rail infrastructures at the disposal of these countries. 

Dear citizens, 

Previously, I have mentioned the seriousness and the spiritual, national, and social values that intrinsically characterize the Moroccan Nation in a highly turbulent world. 

In this regard, the Green March was an embodiment of these time-honored values, namely sacrifice, loyalty, and patriotism that enabled Our country to liberate its land and achieve full sovereignty. 

In speaking of seriousness, My aim was never to complain about anything. In fact, my aim was to urge everyone to work hard to successfully complete the projects and reforms underway and, ultimately, address the challenges facing Our country. In fact, My intention, well understood by all, has been widely well-received by the Nation’s driving forces. 

Indeed, it is an integrated system of values that has enabled us to build on the achievements we have accomplished in several areas, including boosting the development dynamic in our Southern Provinces and establishing their Moroccan identity on the international level. 

By the grace of Allah, several countries have recognized the Moroccanity of the Sahara and many other influential nations have recognized the Autonomy Plan as the only solution for the settlement of this artificial regional dispute.

Morocco’s values of solidarity, cooperation, and openness have also contributed to strengthening Our country’s role as well its status as a key player and a reliable and credible economic and political partner at the regional and international levels, particularly with Arab and African sister nations.

Dear citizens, 

The commemoration of the anniversary of the Green March is an opportunity for Us to reaffirm Our attachment to the values of this glorious epic, and Our loyalty to its eternal oath. 

We commend the efforts made by the Royal Armed Forces, the Security Services, the Territorial Administration, and all the active forces, both within and outside national borders, to defend the legitimate rights of the Moroccan nation. 

It is also with deep appreciation and reverence that We would like to honor the memory of the Architect of the Green March, Our Venerable Father, the late His Majesty King Hassan II, may Allah shower Him with His Holy mercy, as well as all the nation’s courageous martyrs.

Wassalamou alaikoum warahmatoullahi wabarakatuh.” 

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