HM King Mohammed VI: Morocco-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project, Lever for Regional Integration

His Majesty King Mohammed VI stated that the strategic Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline project is a lever for regional integration, designed to create the conditions for a common economic take-off and set in motion a dynamic conducive to developing Africa’s Atlantic band.

In a speech addressed to the nation on November 6 on the occasion of the 48th anniversary of the Green March, the Sovereign noted that the Morocco-Nigeria gas pipeline would be a secure source of energy supplies for European countries, recalling that it was in the same spirit that Morocco took the initiative of creating an institutional framework bringing together the 23 Atlantic African states to strengthen security, stability, and shared prosperity in the region.

His Majesty the King also recommended the launch of an international initiative to promote access for the Sahel States to the Atlantic Ocean, underlining that the success of this proposal entails the upgrade of the infrastructures of the Sahel States and their connection to the transport and communication networks established in their regional environment.

The Sovereign stated that “this initiative will significantly transform the economies of these brotherly countries and, beyond, the entire region,” stressing that “Morocco is committed to making its road, port, and rail infrastructures at the disposal of these countries”.

His Majesty the King pointed out that the solution to the challenges facing the Sahel states cannot be exclusively focused on security or military but must be based on an approach of cooperation and joint development, nothing that Morocco, renowned for its stability and credibility, recognizes the threats and challenges facing African countries, particularly those on the Atlantic seaboard.

The Sovereign also stressed that Atlantic Africa suffers from a significant deficit in infrastructure and investment despite the quality of its human resources and the abundance of its natural wealth, adding that “We are working with our brothers in Africa and all our partners to develop practical and efficient measures, supported by international cooperation”.

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