HM King Mohammed VI Orders Provision of Care, Protection for Orphans Affected by Al Haouz Earthquake

HM King Mohammed VI placed particular emphasis, during the working meeting His Majesty chaired on September 14 at the Royal Palace in Rabat, on the activation of the emergency program for rehousing the victims of Al Haouz earthquake, on the immediate care for orphaned children, who were left without family or resources.

During this meeting, His Majesty the King, may Allah assist Him, emphasized the urgent and crucial issue of immediate care for orphaned children, who were left with no family or resources. In this regard, the Sovereign ordered the registration of these children and their designation as wards of the nation.

His Majesty the King has also called on the government to adopt the necessary bill as soon as possible, to relieve the children from this distressing situation and protect them from all the risks and vulnerabilities incurred by natural disasters.

Thanks to the vision and actions of His Majesty the King, Morocco demonstrates, once again, the resilience that characterizes the Kingdom, enabling it to face hardships and challenges with strength, wisdom, and determination, supported by the strength of its institutions and the solidarity and generosity of its people.

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