HM King Mohammed VI’s Leadership in Promoting Inter-Religious Dialogue, Coexistence Highlighted in Mexico

The leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in promoting inter-religious dialogue and coexistence was at the heart of discussions during a meeting in Mexico. 

This meeting, which was organized on June 18, on the occasion of the international conference commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Latin American Sephardic Union, discussed the characteristics of the secular Moroccan model of tolerance and coexistence between religions, which reflects the richness and diversity of a thousand-year-old nation.

During the meeting, the Founding President of the Center for Studies and Research on Hebraic Law in Morocco, Abdallah Ouzitane, highlighted Morocco’s commitment in recent decades to rehabilitate its heritage, namely through the preservation of the country’s rich spiritual and cultural identity in its diversity and pluralism.

Ouzitane stated that Morocco’s diversity is the fruit of a history of coexistence which has contributed to this “extraordinary convergence” in a land of peace where the Jews and Muslims live in harmony. 

“In these difficult times, it is more necessary than ever to highlight the Kingdom’s position as a crossroad for the promotion of tolerance and openness to which His Majesty the King attaches great importance,” stated Ouzitane.  

The meeting was attended by Morocco’s Ambassador to Mexico, Abdelfattah Lebbar, Israel’s Ambassador to Mexico, Zvi Tal, President of the World Sephardic Federation in Israel, Haim Cohen, President of the Canadian Sephardi Federation, Avraham El Arar, and President of the Sephardic Federation of Latin America, Gaston Maya Funes.

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