The New York Times Classifies Marrakech among World’s Seven Great Cities with Seven Great Walks

The prestigious American newspaper “The New York Times” cited Marrakech as one of the world’s great cities that offer the best walking experience through their urban landscape.

In an article entitled “In 7 great cities, 7 great walks”, the newspaper reported that it has recently surveyed writers in cities worldwide and compiled a list of itineraries that enable visitors to discover “the essence” of a place at their own pace.

Marrakech occupies third place, with its spider’s web of passageways and urban circuits that start with Jemaa El Fna, “this carnivalesque, open-air market in the medina,” buzzing with musicians, performers, fruit juice stalls, restaurants, and souvenir shops.

“Nearly twice the size of Central Park, the medina enfolds a vast spider web of passageways that seem designed to disorient outsiders,” read the article, highlighting that a fascinating itinerary from Jemaa El Fna, that reveals multiple personalities of Marrakech, starts at the archway leading to the Riad Zeitoun el-Kadim alley.

The “New York Times” explained in its article, illustrated with photos of Marrakech, that an adventure in this city allows visitors to admire the ramparts of the El Badi palace, a “glorious” 15th-century monument that has become a “peaceful place” to stroll around, as well as the Mellah, the old Jewish quarter built in the 1500s, the Slat Al Azama synagogue, and the Jewish cemetery.

As visitors explore the town’s narrow streets, they will also come across art galleries and design boutiques that “glow with chic creations” and traditional crafts ranging from woodcarving to metalwork and glass design.

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