HM the King sends a message of congratulations to the members of the Wydad Athletic Club

Rabat – His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, sent a message of congratulations to the members of Wydad Athletic Club (WAC), following his consecration to the 2022 African Champions League Cup.

In this message, the Sovereign affirms to have followed with pride and joy the great feat achieved by the Wydad Athletic Club which won the African Champions League Cup for the 2021-2022 season, thus consolidating its list of titles. national and continental and affirming once again its spirit of challenge and its ability to assume the responsibility of representing, in the best way, Moroccan football.

HM the King expresses, on this happy occasion, His warm congratulations to all the components of the Wydad Club, players, coaches, managers, technical and medical staff and supporters, Saying that he is convinced that this coronation, so deserved, could not be achieved without the intense efforts deployed throughout this competition and the spirit of competitiveness and patriotism shown by the members of the Casablanca team.

These efforts “have enabled you to gratify your country and your public, passionate and creative, with this continental title, the third of its kind in the history of the club, rich in exploits”, assured the Sovereign in this message.

This distinction is also a source of pride insofar as it is the second consecration of Moroccan football at continental level in less than two weeks, underlines the Sovereign, noting that this triumph has filled the Moroccan public with joy, which aspires to more titles, which will undoubtedly give a strong impetus to the Casablanca club, as well as to the rest of the sports teams in order to redouble their efforts and support the promising development that national football is experiencing at all levels.

Reiterating His warm congratulations for this remarkable feat, HM the King wishes the WAC club more success in its distinguished sporting career, while assuring it of His high concern and benevolence.

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