HRC: Moroccan Delegation Refutes Algeria’s False Allegations

The Moroccan delegation to the Human Rights Council (HRC) refuted, Wednesday in Geneva, the false allegations made by Algeria, denouncing its policy of escaping consequences, by exploiting human rights requirements.

Exercising its right of reply during the 52nd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), the Moroccan delegation underlined the offensive political statement on the part of an isolated group of countries upon Algeria’s request.

The delegation noted that if there is a lesson to learn from this politically motivated approach, it is that the representative of the Algerian regime does not wish to change his position even though his country is currently a member of the Human Rights Council (HRC), adding that Algeria focuses on purely political aims, which “divide and serve the creation of vain and unnecessary controversy.

The delegation further stressed that the statement instigated by the representative of the Algerian regime is a web of lies, with a false reading of the Security Council (SC) resolutions, which Algeria refuses to implement, as the party is primarily involved in creating and maintaining the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara

In this context, the Moroccan delegation noted that only the Algerian delegation among over 150 raised this subject, revealing to the international community its unspoken intentions and its duality that deceive no one, questioning how a new member country of the Human Rights Council HRC) allows itself, from the outset of its mandate, to dissolve the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights, without its knowledge, and in the absence of a trial.

The delegation also affirmed that the false accusations do not hide the shameful reality of the massive human rights violations in Algeria, questioning the representative of the Algerian regime on two issues that reveal the truth of the country on aspects other than the art of propaganda that it masters. 

The two questions that the Moroccan delegation had for its Algerian counterpart are: “How can peaceful demonstrators and political opposition bodies be accused of crimes of terrorism in 2023?” And “How can Algeria explain the systematic expulsion from its territory of our sub-Saharan migrant brothers, following forced arrests, contrary to all the principles and conventions on the protection of human rights of migrants?

To conclude, the Moroccan delegation urged its Algerian counterpart to refrain from any manipulative tactics and invest more in the work of the Council, to fully fulfill its role as a member, instead of centering its agenda around the Kingdom of Morocco.

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