IMF Managing Director: Morocco, a Bright Spot in Terms of Education, Infrastructure

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Kristalina Georgieva, stated, on October 8 in Marrakech, that Morocco is a “bright spot” and an “excellent model” for the African continent, particularly in terms of education and infrastructure.

Speaking at a press conference on the eve of the Annual Meetings of the World Bank (WB) Group and International Monetary Fund (IMF), Georgieva detailed the worldwide “recipe” for achieving prosperity, stressing the crucial role of education and “good” infrastructure, particularly in the digital field, in addition to the rule of law.

According to the IMF Managing Director, Morocco embodies these three ingredients for development, calling on other countries, particularly in Africa, to follow in the Kingdom’s footsteps in their quest for prosperity.

Georgieva also praised the resilience and solidarity shown by all Moroccans in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck certain regions of the Kingdom, commending in this regard the close partnership between Morocco and the Fund.

Referring to the organization of the 2030 FIFA World Cup by Morocco, Spain, and Portugal, Georgieva stressed that the Kingdom “deserves” this organization, recalling the “impressive” performance of the Atlas Lions at the 2023 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and the performance of the women’s team at the last edition of the World Cup organized jointly by New Zealand and Australia. 

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