International Batto-Do Federation Taikai: Moroccan Shihan Abdellatif Chafik Snatches Gold

Moroccan Shihan, Abdellatif Chafik, snatched the gold medal in Batto-Do, the Japanese art of swordsmanship, at the International Batto-Do Federation (IBF) Taikai in Yokohama, Japan, on October 22.

Thanks to this victory,  Morocco now sits at the top of the world rankings, an exceptional achievement in the Arab, Muslim, and African world.

On this occasion, Master Chafik expressed his gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for His invaluable support for athletes, further expressing his thanks to His Majesty’s Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Rachad Bouhlal, for his warm welcome and attentiveness, since his arrival in Japan.

The Moroccan champion, founder of the National Committee Takida ryu Morocco Shin-Tai-bu-Jutsu and Batto-do, boasts extensive experience in traditional Japanese martial arts, rooted in human history.

Several countries from around the world took part in the IBF Taikai 2023, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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