José Manuel Albares: Morocco, Spain Roadmap Is Successful

Spain’s acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union (EU), and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, praised the “success” of the “roadmap” between Spain and Morocco, stressing that it “shall remain in effect.”

During an interview with Spanish news agency “Europa Press” published on September 3, Albares emphasized that “a roadmap is a process and a long-term commitment between two countries,” highlighting the “achievements” of the new phase of Morocco-Spain relations.

The head of Spanish diplomacy also recalled the lower number of immigrants arriving on Spanish shores compared to Italy or Greece, Morocco and Spain’s “exponentially growing trade figures, and the extraordinary cooperation uniting the two countries in countering terrorism.”

“All this testifies to the success of this roadmap that shall proceed,” stressed Albares, noting that Spain’s cooperative relations with Morocco are a model for “neighboring countries” to follow.

Spain’s Foreign Minister recently stated that Morocco remains the “top priority” of Spanish foreign policy, emphasizing that “all the presidents of the Spanish government have affirmed that the first priority of foreign policy is Morocco.”

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