Opening of Judicial Investigation into Passing of One Person, Injury of Three Others following Es-Semara Explosions (Press Release)

The King’s Attorney General at Laâyoune Court of Appeal has announced in a press release that the relevant judicial police force will initiate a judicial investigation into the passing of one person and the injury of three others, following the firing of projectiles at residential neighborhoods in the town of Es-Smara.

According to the press release, the King’s Attorney General entrusted the investigation team with identifying the origin and nature of the projectiles that killed one person and injured three others, two of whom are in critical condition and were transferred to the Laâyoune Hospital for the necessary treatment.

The same source stressed that the King’s Attorney General is committed to establishing the necessary legal consequences per the results of the investigation.

According to local authorities in the province of Es-Semara, four explosions took place on the night of October 28 in the city of Es-Semara, causing the passing of one person and the injury of three others, two of whom were in critical condition. 

The same source stated that the explosions occurred in the ZAP, Hay Essalam, and the industrial district, adding that the severely injured people received first aid before being transferred to Laâyoune Hospital while the third person, who suffered minor injuries, was able to be discharged after receiving first aid.

The same source also reported material damage to two houses following these explosions.

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