Literacy: ANLCA Adopts New National Strategy 2023-2035

The National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy (ANLCA) adopted, on April 2, a new strategy for the period 2023-2035, based on four main axes including targeting, convergence, quality, and good governance.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister of National Education, Preschool, and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, indicated that the implementation of the new strategy is based on the most important national and international references in the fight against illiteracy, taking into account demographic, social, and economic factors.

In this regard, the minister explained that this new strategy aims to strengthen the fight against illiteracy and ensure equitable access to learning, stressing the importance of uniting the efforts of all components of society with the aim of launching an integrated dynamic to eradicate illiteracy.

For his part, ANLCA Director Abdelouadoud Kharbouch reviewed the Agency’s achievements in 2023, the main axes of the new national strategy to combat illiteracy, the regional action plans, in addition to the 2024-2026 action plan, and the funding mechanisms.

In a similar context, Kharbouch reported that over 1,032,099 benefited from literacy programs last year, reaching 9.1 million beneficiaries since 2014.

Kharbouch also revealed that 85% of the beneficiaries are women, with 65% coming from rural areas, adding that 18 agreements relating to structuring projects were concluded last year, reaching a total of 2,352 agreements signed.

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