Lower House Speaker Highlights Morocco, Azerbaijan Similarities in Respecting Pluralism, Cultural Diversity

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, affirmed Tuesday in Baku, Azerbaijan, that Morocco and Azerbaijan share an approach founded on pluralism and deeply-rooted cultural diversity based on ancient history and civilization that contributed largely to the emergence of modernity and contemporary rationalism.

Intervening at the celebration ceremony of the centennial of former Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev, Talbi Alami emphasized that Morocco and Azerbaijan share the same national, historical, political, and ethical responsibility in “protecting territorial integrity, and fiercely and tirelessly defending national sovereignty.”

“The two countries also share the same desire for economic growth and social cohesion within the framework of the rule of law, the state of institutions, and true pluralism that are part of our identity,” noted Talbi Alami.

The official added that, in Morocco, “our success is associated with three glorious Kings, His Majesty the late King Mohammed V, Hero of National Liberation and Father of the Nation, His Majesty the late King Hassan II, Founder of Modern Morocco, and His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Leader of Morocco’s current emergence.

In a similar context, Talbi Alami underlined that one of the lessons that can be drawn from Azerbaijan’s success story is that Islam and traditions can coexist with progress, noting that in addition to Morocco’s model, similar success stories have been achieved in Eurasia, the Gulf, and the Middle East.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed that the success of Azerbaijan’s model is proof that diversity and difference, with respect to the characteristics, contexts, and political traditions of each country, are real assets for progress and evolution, adding that “reproducing pre-existing cultural and political models and imposing them on the world may lead to deadlock and cultural schizophrenia.”

Additionally, Talbi Alami said that if the history of countries is linked to particular names, then the rebirth of Azerbaijan is certainly associated with President Heydar Aliyev, noting that Azerbaijan, thanks to its unity around its leadership, and the efforts, competencies, vigilance, and wisdom of its elites, is currently one of the striking examples of revival, regardless of the challenging regional and international context.

Talbi Alami also stated that Azerbaijan, with its achievements, cultural diversity, population, and ability to innovate in the production and distribution of wealth, which allows the emergence of a large modern middle class, is a regional player of stability, which proves that modernity and democracy can coexist with a moderate and tolerant Islam.

During his visit to Baku, Talbi Alami will hold important meetings with Speakers of Parliaments and Heads of delegations participating in the celebrations.

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