More than one out of every two Moroccans is interested in ‘’Made in Morocco’’

“More than one out of every two Moroccans of the population that were interviewed stated that they pay attention to the “Made in Morocco” seal of quality when buying the usual products, while 39% implicitly declare that this act is part of their buying habits”, according to the new Study Research entitled 《Moroccans and Made In Morocco: Preference and Involvement 》. 

Indeed, for several years, many initiatives have been launched to highlight the “Made in Morocco”, as well as encouraging the various targets to consume “Moroccan”. That is, dynamism has nowadays become a national priority, in addition to an emergency within the framework of the economic recovery plan, in order to ensure a balance of the trade balance.

It is in this sense that the Imperium Study was able to establish a ranking of ” country preferences “, placing Morocco in third position (31%) tied with the United States, behind France (51%) and Germany (38%), which is due to the brand image and the strategy of “Nation Branding” that these two countries have built for years with the Moroccan consumer in different sectors.

Regarding the perception of ” Made in Morocco “, the study reveals that almost 5 Moroccans out of 10 of the population surveyed, declare to pay attention to the label “made in Morocco” when buying the usual products and that 2 to 3 Moroccans out of 10 do it “more” to “much more” (12%), especially women.

Further, Imperium says that even more significant is the high degree of trust placed in the ‘’Made in Morocco “label. Indeed, 72% of the population surveyed declare themselves confident about “made in Morocco” products, of which 28% say they are pretty satisfied with it, especially the middle class aged 35 and over.

‘’On the other hand, the decline in confidence is to be correlated with the age group of young people as the survey has shown that the 44% of respondents who are not very confident are precisely Moroccans under 24 years’’, the survey emphasizes.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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