Rains and Floods isolate chefchaouen villages and its residents call out for help

Flooding in several mountainous areas of Chefchaouen province caused the main road to be cut off.

According to reliable sources,’’ the Idhit roundabout’’ of the Bani bouzra community in chefchaouen province and other remote towns and villages in the province were severely damaged by heavy rains, which caused the water level of the valleys to rise, causing the interests of residents to be compromised. What is more, the effects of climate change resulted in soil erosion.

Residents call on the relevant authorities to intervene urgently and immediately to remove the isolation from them and fix the road to be able to go out for shopping, medicine and study. Not to mention that building canals remains their main concern as it shall help to withstand the floods that occur in the region with the onset of rainfalls.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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