Moroccan MP Elected Member of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Parliamentary Union’s Executive Committee Member States

Moroccan MP, Najoua Koukouss, has been elected member of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States (PUIC), which is taking place in Algiers.

Koukouss was elected member of this committee during the work of its 17th session, currently underway in Algiers under the theme “Islamic World and the challenges of modernization and development.”

A delegation from the Moroccan parliament is attending this event, chaired by the Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Ouzzine, and is made up of deputies Mohamed Chebak, from the National Rally of Independents, Khalid Chenak, from the Istiqlal party, Abdelkrim Chahid, coordinator of the Constitutional Democratic Social Group, and Khalid ES Satte, from the National Labour Union of Morocco.

The session was also attended by observers from international and regional parliamentary organizations as well as parliamentarians from the Parliamentary Union of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States (PUIC) member countries.

This session takes place within the framework of the multiple challenges facing the Islamic Ummah on the political, economic and security levels, as well as the latest developments concerning the Palestinian cause.

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