Morocco’s Admission to Central American Parliament, a Contribution to the Institution

The new president of the Central American Parliament (PARLACEN), Amado Cerrud Acevedo, stated that the admission of the Moroccan Parliament as a permanent observer member of the institution is a contribution to the work of this regional parliamentary union.

During a meeting in Guatemala with the permanent representative of the House of Councillors to the PARLACEN, Ahmed Lakhrif, Acevedo  highlighted the role the Moroccan House of Councilors of the Moroccan has played in fostering ties between the Kingdom and the countries of Central America. 

For his part, Lakhrif praised the unique partnership between the Moroccan Parliament and the PARLACEN and the achievements accomplished in such a short period of time.

Lakhrif recalled the key events that have shaped these relations since the Laayoune Declaration, which crowned the historic meeting of the PARLACEN’s executive board and the House of Councilors, in July 2016, in which the PARLACEN expressed its support for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, as well as Morocco’s peaceful intervention to ensure the free civil and commercial movement through the border post of El Guerguerat.

In a similar context, Lakhrif mentioned that the House of Councillors obtained the status of the PARLACEN  “advanced partner” in February 2022. 

The Moroccan diplomat welcomed PARLACEN’s positions in supporting the Moroccan national cause with the Laayoune Declaration serving as a reference document for the excellence of relations between the Moroccan Parliament and its Central American counterpart.

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