Moroccan Sahara: Spanish Atalayar Sheds Light on BRICS Leaders’ Support for Morocco’s Efforts

Spanish magazine “Atalayar” stated, on August 28, that the leaders of the BRICS countries, who met recently in Johannesburg, delivered a fatal blow to Algeria and the +polisario+ by supporting Morocco’s position on the Sahara and reaffirming their commitment to international legality.

Atalayar, which specializes in Maghreb and Arab affairs, stressed that “the Declaration of the BRICS meeting unquestionably supports the Moroccan position, which has always advocated the necessity of respecting and contributing positively to the process led exclusively by the United Nations (UN).”

The Spanish magazine noted that the countries in this grouping also stressed the importance of “adhering to the necessary resolutions and parameters of the Security Council (SC) to resolve the Moroccan Sahara issue and find a long-term political solution,” stressing that the international community supports the Moroccan Autonomy Plan, which perfectly complies with all the parameters of pragmatism, realism, compromise, and sustainability required by the Security Council (SC).

“Attempts to include the Moroccan Sahara issue in the discussions were rejected by the BRICS members and none of these countries mentioned it in their statements,” added “Atalayar,” noting that the fact that none of them recognized the “fictitious” entity shows that the BRICS refuse to use their grouping to serve lost causes.

According to the Spanish magazine, “this failure should serve as a warning to those who persist in attempting to give global resonance to a deeply isolated mindset.”

“BRICS position also testifies to the group’s commitment to its relations and strategic alliances with Morocco, irrespective of external interference,” concluded the Spanish magazine.

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