Moroccan Youth International MUN: Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Leaders

The opening ceremony of the third edition of the Moroccan Youth International United Nations Model (MUN), took place on May 25, at the International University of Rabat (UIR), with the participation of a large group of delegates from around the world who aim to engage in lively debates and negotiations.

This three-day program encourages Model United Nations (MUN) clubs to take concrete action in support of United Nations principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by taking part in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences, exchanging firsthand knowledge about the United Nations, and organizing workshops to teach students how to make accurate simulations.

In an exclusive interview with Morocco Times TV,  the Secretary-General of Committee Affairs at the International Model United Nations (MUN) Conference in Morocco, Mr. Anas Chihab, explained that the MUN is an international community where students from several universities and high schools come together and debate about various topics and issues facing the international community.

Speaking about the change in the youth’s mindset over the last ten years, Chihab said that in comparison with 2013, there is a significant improvement in the level of engagement of the part of the Moroccan youth, particularly the ones who attend private schools, underlining that public school students must also be engaged in such events, thanks to “some kind of sponsorship or governmental help.”

For his part, Moroccan Youth Activist Mr. Nidal Benali emphasized the importance of encouraging the participation of the youth in the process of decision-making since “they are the leaders of today” before becoming the leaders of tomorrow.

Benali also encouraged placing trust in the youth to create a bridge between them and decision-makers, as an inaugural step towards a prosperous future for these young generations.

“Today, tomorrow, and every day, we should improve the youth participation, encourage them to partake more, and be good models for them,” highlighted Benali.

As for ways the Moroccan youth can employ social media and content creation in the development of their sense of entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur and Content Creator Mr. Ibrahim Jaidi said that entrepreneurship stems from taking initiatives, underlining that creating content, defending your stance, and sharing ideas with your audience online contribute to building and shaping one’s personality.

“Dare to try, dare to innovate, dare to be you as this is the only way to grow and make a difference in the world,” concluded Jaidi.

Model United Nations (MUN) simulations serve as popular educational activities for anyone who wishes to learn more about the United Nations (UN).

Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from primary school through university across the globe take part in Model United Nations (MUN) simulations, seeking an innovative experience that would be highly beneficial to their future.

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