Morocco Automotive Sector: a proven success

With a growing automotive base as well as its proximity and easy access to the European market, the Kingdom is attracting more car manufacturers and suppliers to settle there, the publication said in a dossier devoted to the national automotive sector.

And to argue that Morocco’s auto industry is growing steadily and experts predict the country will have the capacity to produce a million cars in the short term. Morocco has been named the leader of the automotive industry in Africa, followed by South Africa and Egypt. The Kingdom is also expected to overtake Italy in vehicle production “soon”, the same source adds.
Morocco is the leading manufacturer of passenger cars in Africa, recalls AI, noting that in 2019, the national automobile industry had more than 250 companies, creating more than 220,000 direct jobs with a local integration rate of 60% and a installed capacity of 700,000 vehicles.

Today, the industry is structured into “efficient” ecosystems comprising wiring, metal and stamping, battery, vehicle interior and seat parts, engine and transmission, spanning the entire chain of value. In an interview with the American magazine, Ayda Fathi, Director of Development at the Moroccan Agency for the Development of Investments and Exports (AMDIE), highlighted the factors that motivate the choice to invest in Morocco, namely stability policy, a clear long-term vision, a strategic geographical location, world-class infrastructure, exemption from export duties, as well as the advantages of export processing zones.

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