Natural gas: Algeria will deliver to Spain without going through Morocco

after the announcement of a diplomatic break with Morocco, Algeria is taking action. The Maghreb-Europe Gas Pipeline is the first to pay the price. “All of Spain’s supplies of Algerian natural gas will be provided through the Medgaz pipeline,” Minister of Energy and Mines, Mohamed Arkab, assured Thursday in Algiers.

Mohamed Arkab, Algerian Minister of Energy and Mines, who received, at the headquarters of his ministerial department, the Spanish Ambassador to Algeria, Fernando Moran, affirmed “Algeria’s total commitment to cover the all of Spain’s natural gas supplies through the Medgaz ”.

The Minister also emphasized the capacities available to Algeria to meet the “increasingly growing” demand for gas from European markets and more particularly the Spanish market, thanks to the flexibility in terms of gas capacities. liquefaction available to the country.

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