Morocco, One of Best Places to Visit in 2024 (CNN Travel)

CNN Travel has recently listed Morocco among the best destinations to visit in 2024.

The mainstream media recommended exploring other cities in the Kingdom, such as Tetouan, which is the city near the first Regis Hotels and Resorts Morocco property,” and Meknes, one of the Kingdom’s nine UNESCO heritage sites, describing them as less crowded spots that are arguably just as alluring as the popular cities of Marrakech, Rabat, and Fez.

A longtime travel favorite thanks to its diverse landscape and spectacular architecture, Morocco has bounced back determinedly after a devastating earthquake this past September,” noted CNN.

According to CNN, Morocco is a also “world leader” in terms of sustainable tourism, thanks to several initiatives aimed at boosting the generation of renewable energy, recalling that the country is home to significant eco-friendly hotels.

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