Morocco Partakes in Third Meeting of Arab Parliament

The Arab Parliament held, Sunday at the headquarters of the Arab League (AL) in Cairo, the work of its third meeting, with the participation of several Arab delegations, including a delegation representing the Moroccan parliament.

The Moroccan delegation to this event included the President of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) group at the House of Councilors, member of the parliamentary caucus of the Arab Parliament and president of the Arab Committee for Food Security, Mohamed Bakkouri, Vice-President of the Committee on Social, Educational, Cultural, Women, and Youth Affairs, Khadija Hajjoubi (Authenticity and Modernity Parliamentary Group), member of the Committee on Legislative, Legal and Human Rights Affairs, Mohamed Ayach (National Rally of Independents), and member of the Committee on Finance and Economic Development, Mohamed Lahmouch (Popular Movement).

On this occasion, Hajjoubii stated that the Arab Parliament discussed several issues, including political and social developments at the regional and international levels, to unify the positions of Arab countries and strengthen joint Arab action as part of the ongoing focus on the defense of Arab unity.

Hajjoubi stressed that the Arab Parliament will always support and defend all legitimate Arab causes, including the Palestinian cause.

As for the meeting of the Committee on Social, Educational, Cultural, Women, and Youth Affairs of the Arab Parliament, Hajjoubi said that Morocco’s proposal to organize a scientific symposium on “The Protection of Societal Values in the Arab World” was welcomed as a first step to the development of an integrated Arab policy law to fight domestic violence.

The Arab Parliament also discussed current developments in the region, namely the Palestinian cause and the conflict in Sudan.

The session of the Arab Parliament also dealt with the draft resolutions and laws submitted by the parliamentary committees following their preparatory meetings to follow up and monitor all events and political developments in Arab countries throughout the current year and the unceasing aspiration to resolve Arab crises and problems through a political solution.

The draft resolutions and laws include current economic conditions in the region, a draft privacy and anti-extortion policy bill, and a draft roadmap to fight child labor.

The meeting also addressed several issues related to the human rights situation in the Arab world in 2022, mainly the preparation of an Arab policy law to fight the phenomenon of intimidation, a special note on the preparation of a unified Arab vision for supporting Arab refugees and their resettlement in their countries of origin, and a note on the impact of Turkey and Syria’s earthquakes on the human rights situation and the struggle to cope with the repercussions of disasters.

The session further discussed the social status in Arab countries, notably the adoption of the International Certificate of Proficiency in the Arabic Language in light of the Arab Parliament’s interest in the Arabic language and its promotion.

The four standing committees of the Arab Parliament, namely the Committee on Foreign and Political Affairs and National Security, the Committee on Economic and Financial Affairs, the Committee on Legislative and Legal Affairs and Human Rights, and the Committee on Social, Educational, Cultural, Women and Youth Affairs, concluded their meetings Saturday, April 29.

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