Morocco plans to launch a 3rd Vaccine Dose for Covid-19

According to the Health Ministry, the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be launched and organized as part of the National Vaccination Campaign which has positively affected the epidemiological situation throughout the country.

Not to mention that ‘’ this decision follows the recommendations of the National Scientific Committee and the International Scientific recommendations ‘’, the Ministry reported.

In addition, the same source revealed that all female and male citizens shall be informed of the procedures and how to benefit from this third dose, as well as the target groups.

In this context, the Ministry called on people, including employees, students, and families to continue to be strongly involved in the vaccination process, which will continue after the start of the school year, at the level of all vaccination centers as well as through the mobile medical units set up for this purpose, whether to receive the first or second dose until the adoption of a 3rd dose.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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