Crafts in Fez: 40 MDH for an Incubator Project

A global envelope of 40 Million Dirham (MDH) was mobilized for the creation
of an incubator of craft projects in the Bensouda district of Fez, as part of efforts
to promote local crafts.
This project, which is supported by the Regional Council of Fez-Meknes
region, will spread over a total area of 12,948 m2. It aims to promote the
products of the social and solidarity economy at the local and regional levels.
The new craft project incubator, which is expected to complete site development
work this year, will benefit 35 cooperatives through training and logistical
support for the marketing of their products.
A total of 175 artisans will benefit from a fruitful training within this new
structure, which is part of a series of projects in progress at regional and local
levels to boost handicrafts – among the most affected sectors by the Covid-19
‘’With regard to the key economic sector of Fez-Meknes with nearly 124,000
jobs, including 80,000 in the spiritual capital, handicrafts have been badly
affected by the widespread of Corona virus. As a result, the turnover of the
sector recorded an estimated decrease of 1.675 billion DH during the lockdown
period, following a 68pc decline in exports ‘’, according to data from the Fez-
Meknes economic intelligence committee (CVE-FM).

At the end of May, the spiritual capital had 219 companies operating in the craft
sector, or 20pc of the total number at the national level.
According to figures from the regional directorate of crafts, 184 craft businesses
were created between 2006 and May 2021, an increase of 525pc. The sector also
includes about 22,472 productive units and 270 cooperatives in the prefecture of
By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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