Morocco to Host Launch of Arab Plan to Foster Culture of Human Rights

The Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights (AHRC) praised Morocco’s initiative to host the official launch of the Arab Plan to Foster the Culture of Human Rights in December. 

During the closing of its 52nd session at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Arab League (AL), the Committee urged the relevant authorities in Arab countries to take part in this event, which will be held under the theme “The Arab Plan  to Foster the Culture of Human Rights: Between Text and Application.”

The Committee shed light on Morocco’s initiative to include a clause “on national implementation, reporting, and monitoring mechanisms in the field of human rights” on the agenda.

The Committee also encouraged member states to establish and strengthen national implementation, reporting, and monitoring mechanisms, while urging them to provide the necessary political, technical, and financial support to enable them to fulfill their mission.

The Committee called on Member States to exchange expertise relating to national implementation and monitoring mechanisms with the Arab League’s (AL) General Secretariat and instruct the latter to disseminate these mechanisms for the benefit of all.

It was agreed to organize a Regional Forum on Arab national implementation, reporting, and monitoring mechanisms to strengthen cooperation, partnership, dialogue, and the exchange of Arab and international expertise, and entrust the General Secretariat, in cooperation with the competent authorities of Morocco and member states, with the task of drawing up a concept paper before the Forum’s work.

“Protecting the Family and Strengthening its Ties” was also chosen as the theme for the celebration of Arab Human Rights Day (March 16), while the Committee’s technical secretariat was instructed to draft a concept paper on the theme and issue it to member states before the end of 2023.

Following its 52nd session, the Committee submitted its final report and recommendations relating to the subjects on the agenda to the 160th session of the Council of the Arab League (AL) at the level of foreign ministers, which will take place on September 6 under the chairmanship of Morocco.

The 52nd Ordinary Session of the Permanent Arab Committee on Human Rights kicked off on August 20 at the headquarters of the Arab League’s (AL) General Secretariat in Cairo, with the participation of Morocco.

At this three-day event, Morocco was represented by a delegation led by the Secretary General of the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights of Morocco, Abdelkarim Boujradi.

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