Morocco-USA: Joint Military Exercises related to disaster prevention

‘’ The Royal Armed Forces ( FAR) and the U.S Army concluded, this week, an important disaster planning exercise, coupled with a four week training program on explosion risk management’’, the U.S Embassy in Rabat said in a statement, highlighting what is known as ‘’ Continued Strength’’ of the military partnership between Morocco and the United States.

‘’ This week, all members of the Utah National Guard are in Ksar Sghir to participate in ‘’Operation Maroc Mantlet’’ ; the latter is supposed to be Morocco’s first disaster planning and preparedness exercise, alongside FAR partners and Moroccan civilian agencies’’, the U.S diplomatic representation reported.  

Accordingly, this year’s exercise, for which the FAR led the planning, represents a scenario based on a large-scale industrial disaster, requiring search and rescue operations on land and at sea, fighting industrial fires in a HAZMAT (hazardous materials) environment and crisis management at the national level.

‘’ We are still working closely with our Moroccan partners to address a range of possible threats, including natural disasters or industrial accidents, as well as classic security issues’’ , the Senior Military Official noted.

This Friday, General Turley will join other Senior Moroccan and U.S Military Officials in Kenitra to mark the end of an intensive training program for Moroccan soldiers, Utah National Guard Personnel and U.S Marines on explosives hazards, taking the example of mine clearance or ammunition storage and transportation.

More than 20 military personnel participated in the program, officially known as ‘’ Humanitarian Mine Action and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (HMA) training.

On the top of that, the U.S Embassy recalls that Morocco participates annually in more than 100 military engagements with American Forces. It hosts the African Lion the largest annual military exercise on the continent and is a major partner in U.S international military training, training programs, and foreign military sales.

Indeed, all necessary measures must be taken to prevent natural disasters through implementing an effective strategy for explosive threat management in environments at risk from explosions, which would therefore provide victim assistance.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

Cover Picture: US Embassy in Morocco

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