National Library of Morocco to Host Organization of Women Writers of Africa’s Constituent Congress

The National Library of Morocco (BRNM) will host, on March 9, the Constituent Congress of the Organization of Women Writers of Africa, with the participation of speakers from 40 African states and 130 Moroccan writers and speakers, including Moroccan expatriates. 

Organized under the theme “to strengthen the ways of African cultural partnership,” the Organization explained in a statement that this congress is “a great intellectual and cultural project, whose preparation has been ensured by the League of Female Writers of Morocco, starting from several meetings of exchange and intellectual and cultural dialogues organized by the president of the League, Badia Radi, and a group of Arab and African women writers.”

This congress will be marked by the ratification of the Organization’s project, “which aims to unify the cultural and intellectual voices of African women and introduce cultural diversity and multilingualism in the continent, as well as the creation of local leagues in several African countries so that they serve as a bridge for solidarity and South-South cooperation.

This Constituent congress will also witness the election of the president of the permanent office of the Organization of Women Writers of Arica in Morocco and the presidents of other local leagues of African women writers.

As part of the implementation of South-South cooperation, the Organization aims to forge cultural and civilizational links and ensure openness to Africa as the main lever for development and genuine partnership.

In this regard, the Organization adopts a global strategic vision to strengthen cooperation and skills in human and cultural development, for a culture without borders and an African continent where peace and security prevail.

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