Pedro Sanchez: Spain’s Relations with Morocco, Strategic at All Levels

Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, described his country’s relations with Morocco as “strategic,” assuring that bilateral cooperation between the two countries covers all fields.

In an appearance on the Spanish TV program “La Sexta” on June 25, Sanchez affirmed that Spain’s “relation with Morocco is strategic at all levels.”

“Morocco is important to us in terms of trade, economic access to a continent as important as Africa, security, countering terrorism and, undoubtedly, migration policies,” noted the Spanish Prime Minister, adding that “the cooperation that we have with Morocco is very positive.”

Referring to the Moroccan Sahara conflict, the Spanish official affirmed that his country adopts a “positive position” and considers the Moroccan Autonomy Plan as “the most serious, realistic, and credible solution for resolving the Sahara conflict,” noting that the US, the international community and the main European countries support the autonomy plan presented by Morocco in 2007.

“’I note one fact, in the last fifty years that this conflict has been going on, there has been no progress. Therefore, if the international community, the US, and the main European countries agree that alternative solutions to this conflict must be sought within the framework of the United Nations (UN), and Security Council (SC) resolutions, I believe that Spain should also adopt this constructive attitude,” concluded Sanchez. 

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