Receiving Anti-Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose starts on Monday October 4th

‘’Receiving the 3rd dose of the anti-Covid 19 vaccine will take place on October 4th ‘’, the Ministry of health announced on Sunday.

Beside, the Health Ministry noted that the National Vaccination Campaign will address in the first stage people who have received the first two doses for at least 6 months. Not to mention that this decision follows the recommendations of the National Scientific Committee and International Scientific Recommendations.

Moulay said Afif, president of the Moroccan Association of Medical Sciences and the National Federation of Health and a member of the Scientific Committee on vaccination, claimed that the third dose of the covid-19 vaccine will mainly concern persons with chronic diseases, particularly “front-line workers, as well as those in severe situations”, whom should be given extra care to ensure their health safety.

In his statement, Afif explained that in the first stage, those in the front lines, including doctors, security, teachers, as well as elderly people, and those with chronic diseases, shall be vaccinated. Yet, it is anticipated that the use of the third dose would be rolled out to all groups gradually.

‘’ The third dose is necessary and essential in order for vaccinated people to get a good immune system and resistance to disease ‘’, the member of the Scientific Committee, Said Afif, added

“These people will receive on their phones a text message from 1717, announcing that they are eligible for the 3rd dose”, the ministry said, informing that the administration of the 3rd dose will be carried out in the vaccine centers, without condition of residence.

In this context, the Ministry called on people, including employees, students, and families to continue to be strongly involved in the vaccination process, which will continue after the start of the school year, at the level of all vaccination centers as well as through the mobile medical units set up for this purpose, whether to receive the first or second dose until the adoption of a 3rd dose.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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