University Dorms will open their doors starting on October 11

“University dorms will open their doors, starting on October 11 “, the Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Research (Department of higher education and scientific research), announced in a statement.

‘’ This decision, which will be activated progressively, concerns in a first stage former students, and will interest incoming students in a second stage ‘’, the ministry reported, noting that it goes with the adoption of “face-to-face learning” in all Educational and Training Institutions and for the various subsidiaries and paths for the sake of allowing students to persue their college studies in good conditions.

Therefore, In order to ensure a safe return for students residing at university’s residence halls, procedures and modalities involved in this process will be announced at each university dorm, in accordance with the sanitary protocol developed by the Ministry of Health, reaffirming the need for strict compliance with all measures of restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the COVID-19 and its variants.

The ministry also recalled that the decision to reopen university dorms follows the improvement of the epidemiological situation and in view of the great advance that the vaccination campaign is experiencing, inviting students to massively accede to the National Vaccination Campaign against Covid-19 towards obtaining collective immunity within university areas.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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