Repatriation of Irregular Migrants: Senegal Praises Morocco’s Cooperation

The Senegalese government expressed its thanks to Morocco for its “cooperation” in the repatriation operation of a group of fifty irregular Senegalese migrants and the Kingdom’s “care and treatment of the injured.”

This gratitude was expressed following a visit to Dakhla on July 25 and 26 by the Minister for Senegalese Abroad, Anette Seck, on the instructions of Senegal’s President, His Excellency Macky Sall. 

The Senegalese Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that this visit sought to support Senegalese nationals awaiting repatriation to their country following emigration attempts.

The Senegalese ministry reported that 50 wounded compatriots had been repatriated on the evening of July 26 by a special Senegalese Air Force flight.

“The Senegalese Government extends thanks to the brotherly Government of Morocco for its cooperation and for attending to the injured,” emphasized the Senegalese ministry.

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