Riots in Sweden: the integration of immigrants is a failure, according to the Prime Minister

Social Democrat Magdalena Andersson on Thursday announced a series of measures aimed at stemming crime, which she says is a consequence of the “weakness” of the sovereign state as the country faces mass immigration.

After fifteen days of riots which violently shook the country and already left a hundred injured among the police, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson spoke on Thursday, notably announcing a plan and means to combat the crime in Sweden. The head of government wants to tackle in particular juvenile crime, which she wants to stem through closer collaboration between the police and social services, and control tools to ensure that children stay at home. school and do not hang out without their parents’ consent.

Above all, the leader from the ranks of the Swedish Social Democratic Workers’ Party publicly acknowledged at a press conference, in a direct tone deemed “unusual” by observers of Swedish political life, the insufficiency and failures of the policies of integration of new immigrants in his country. She then dismissed back to back Islamism and the extreme right, which according to her “envenom” Swedish political life and prevent this integration.

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