The Ink Association is organizing the second edition of the Women Cartooning Fellowship 2022

The Ink Association is organizing the second edition of the Women Cartooning Fellowship 2022 in partnership with the Heinrich Boll Foundation Morocco, the American Art Center in Casablanca, and with the support of the Rights and Justice Association and Al-Ayyam newspaper. The fellowship will last for six months; Between May 22 and November 9, 2022.

This fellowship aims to enhance and develop the skills of the next generation of Moroccan female cartoonists through a training program that will provide them with the necessary skills and training to become female cartoonists active in national and international platforms, and active in issues of gender and gender inequality through their cartoon work. The training program consists of two-hour remote workshops and one-day in-person workshops at the American Art Center in Casablanca over a period of 6 months, with a total of 17 in-person workshops and 33 remote workshops.

The fellowship targets Moroccan women between the ages of 18 and 35 who are interested in learning more about the field of Cartooning, drawing and journalism due to several considerations, the most important of which is the male domination of the field of press cartooning in Morocco and the lack of training in it, as well as the importance of this art as a means of expression. The training program is divided into three phases: the first phase or the Formation Phase, then the second phase, which is the Training and Creativity Phase in a Media Platform, and then the third phase, which is the Activation Phase, which is the opening ceremony of an exhibition of participants’ achievement, interspersed with workshops and seminars presented by the participants who received the qualified training.

The Ink Association and its partners invite interested Moroccan citizens to fill out the Application form in Arabic or English before May 13, 2022. The association also welcomes all print-based, visual, audio and electronic media platforms to attend to cover the work of this ceremony, which will constitute an occasion to celebrate the art of women Press cartooning in Morocco.

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