SIAM: Inauguration of Village Start-ups Pavilion

The International Agricultural Exhibition in Morocco (SIAM) will make a comeback for its 15th edition after a three-year hiatus, scheduled to be held between May 2 and 7 in Meknes. This year, SIAM will host, for the first time, the Village Start-ups Pavilion, which will include round tables, conferences, and simulations.

This year’s theme is “Green Generation: for a sustainable food sovereignty,” with the launch of the Village Start-ups Pavilion, an initiative by the Exhibition’s General Commissariat that will bring together 30 national and international start-ups. 

New technologies and smart practices in the Moroccan agricultural sector have become an imperative necessity. New technological options and innovations are key to developing smart, efficient, and sustainable Moroccan and African agriculture. The Green Generation 2020-2030 strategy aims to support the development of a resilient agricultural sector through new technologies, the digitization of agricultural services, and the improvement of quality and innovation capacities.

The companies taking part in this year’s edition will suggest solutions to improve the agricultural business model, its offers, practices, and expertise while overcoming the agronomic, economic, and environmental challenges they face. The participating companies aim to further support and accelerate innovation, food sovereignty, sustainability, resilience, and the competitiveness of agriculture.

The Village Start-ups Pavilion is divided into four main areas: AgTech, FoodTech, GreenTech, and WaterTech. The start-ups aim to present public and private actors with new ways to improve the yield, efficiency, and profitability of the agricultural sector.

The 15th edition of SIAM will also be marked by another grand novelty, the Digital Immersive Farm, a 300 square meter demonstration unit constructed in the center of the Village Start-ups Pavilion, which will host a FirmaTech e-services desk, a digital greenhouse, connected presentation desks, a virtual reality space, and areas for vertical farming, cultivation, breeding, and aquaponics. 

SIAM Commissioner, Jaouad Chami, stated that this innovative space would allow visitors to have an immersive experience and shed light on the latest technologies and sustainable agricultural practices. 

Spread over an area of 18 hectares, the 15th edition of SIAM is expected to host 900 thousand visitors, 1400 exhibitors, and 68 participating countries. The Village Start-ups Pavilion and the Digital Immersive Farm offer a unique opportunity for professionals in the agricultural sector to explore the latest technological innovations and sustainable practices to face the agronomic, economic, and environmental challenges of tomorrow’s agriculture.

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