The Imperials 2022: TNC – is elected Best Moroccan Agency of the Year

Casablanca, December 2022, TNC – agency has been elected Best Moroccan Agency of the year 2022, during the 5th edition of the Imperials.

The awarding of the “Stars” took place  Friday, September 23, at the Carré d’Or Casablanca, at the close of the event “Les Impériales”, a major event for professionals in marketing, communication, media, and digital placed under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

“This recognition reinforces our position as a major player in the creation of brand experiences. Our mission is to work every day to offer creative and effective experiences to our clients, their users, and their communities.” Oussama Amraoui, Co-founder of agency.

This 5th edition of “Les Impériales” was organized this year under the theme “Morocco Tomorrow: Brand, Culture, Talents, Tech” to reward the actors who have shone by their creativity, their professionalism, and their commitment to the whole ecosystem of the Kingdom during this period.

Being a major player that contributes to the advancement of the Moroccan Brand, the agency was able to distinguish itself through the efforts deployed by the entire TNC – and Mediamatic teams and won 6 Stars in total, a first in the history of the Imperials, namely:

  • Reinvented Brand Star for the #Flash campaigns

The first prize awarded to the agency is in the “Reinvented Brand” category for its Flash campaigns.

The brand relaunched its communication in 2021 with the challenge of rejuvenating its image to reach the Genz target while focusing on the close relationship with Moroccan youth, a relationship it has created since its launch in the 60s.

This link has been a leitmotif in the campaigns and communication of the brand.

  • Heritage Brand Star for the #FlashOkOk campaign

The second star in the “Heritage Brand” category was awarded to the Flash Ok OK campaign.

Via a unique collaboration bringing together a youth icon from the 50s, the artist Houssein Slaoui, and a current youth icon, the trap rapper TAGNE.

An opportunity to remember that cool is an iteration, which is transmitted from generation to generation.

  • Graphic Design Star for the #CoolM3aFlash campaign

In order to reconnect with the young target, the brand had to reinvent itself graphically to rejuvenate its image.

In line with its strategy to accompany the cool of Moroccan youth, the agency capitalized on the target’s passions (gaming, music, film, street art, etc.), adopting a y2k style: a trend that emphasizes technology and futuristic looks mixed with Moroccan culture.

“The implementation of this new graphic vision required an approach that is closer to the uses of social media users and more particularly to influencers. We decided not to charter our content, but to make the product and the brand live in each of our creations. An approach that opens the field of possibilities in terms of creativity without having too much of a commercial connotation. It’s an approach that enhances the iconic aspect of the brand and integrates it into pop culture,” says Quods Ouaissi, Creative Director of the agency.

  • Digital Brand Content Star for the #Eggspiracy ANPO campaign

Food prejudices are extremely difficult to change. Moroccans think that eating too many eggs is bad for their health and associate it with totally false ideas. The National Association of Egg Producers (ANPO) decided to launch the “Eggspiracy” campaign, to create a Behavioral change under the claim “365 incredible reasons to eat an egg a day”.

  • Advertiser of the Year Star

Thanks to the contribution of the agency TNC –, the advertiser MAGHREB INDUSTRIES was awarded the Advertiser of the Year 2022 in Morocco for its historical brand Flash.

With these six awards, the group consolidates its position as a leading agency in 360° brand support and the success of the communication strategies deployed for its clients in recent years.


Founded in 2010, TNC – is a creative agency specializing in the deployment of 360° brand platforms. The agency relies today on the expertise of more than 60 collaborators.

About Les Impériales:

Annual meeting of marketing, communication, media, and digital professionals, the event “Les Impériales” is placed this year under the theme “Morocco Tomorrow: Brands. Culture. Talents.”.

With nearly 3,000 Moroccan and international participants, this annual event has established itself as a meeting place for the various players in the marketing, communication, and media sector, whether they are advertisers, agencies, brands or independents.

It is on the initiative of the Association Les Impériales that the eponymous event has become, over the years, one of the leading national sector meetings of the year. A sector consisting of over 8,500 SMEs and representing an annual turnover of nearly 12 billion dirhams.

The association “Les Impériales” was created in 2018 with the aim of federating the efforts of a large sector bringing together several professions, including those of communication, media, marketing and digital transformation.

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